How it all started…

We both strongly believe that beauty is everywhere: every man and every woman is beautiful, each in their own way, and this is what makes our world so rich. Diversity rules! We live in Montreal, a very ethnically diverse city and we grew up surrounded with people from different backgrounds. For us, there is no such thing as a “beauty ideal” because beauty resides in the uniqueness of each individual.

Through Melrika, we wish to express that beauty comes in different sizes, shapes, and colours. No matter your height, your weight, your age, the colour of your skin, your personal beliefs or the language you speak, we want you to know that you are unique and therefore beautiful. For this reason, we will try to include models as varied as we can in our pictures (especially in the “beauty” section) in order to be as faithful as possible to the reality of a city as diverse as Montreal.


Marika: I have always been very fond of writing. Ever since I know how to write, I have excelled at it, and teachers have pushed me to become a writer, a proofreader, a Β translator, etc., for as long as I can remember. As I am gifted (or cursed) with a great sensibility, it is easy for me to describe things and feelings in a very vivid and accurate way. This, combined with a great sense of observation, is what I believe to make my writing so rich and pleasant.

Writing, or I should say literature in general, is one of my greatest passions, but it is not the only one. I also love photography very much, because a picture is just another way to say what words can’t express. An image can be just as evocative as words, sometimes even more!

It became obvious with time that blogging is the perfect way for me to combine my many interests, mostly writing and photography. I soon realized that it is the perfect way for me to share my creations with others, otherwise my writings and photographs would remain secret to most.

And that’s when I met Melissa, a very dynamic lady who is just as crazy as I am about beauty, health and lifestyle, food, and Montreal in general. We bonded right away and the idea of creating a blog together came very naturally, as if it was meant to be! As a team, Melissa and I are stronger and more creative because our strengths and weaknesses are complementary. And hey, two heads are better than one!


Melissa: I always have been the type of person expressing herself visually. I’ve taken art/painting classes since I was 10 years old and my teacher told my parents that he sees potential in me with my creativity. That’s why I pursued my interest and became a graphic designer. The quote “work in something you like and you will never work again” illustrates really well what I’ve been through during my 3 years of college and that’s when I realize that I didn’t choose the wrong profession for myself.

I am also a kind of girl who is always attached to her computer and really into the internet culture. I can pass my time on Youtube watching beauty, comedy and lifestyle related videos. As I watch more and more videos, the idea of becoming a Youtuber grew in me because it is also a way to express myself on camera but I never had the courage to do so.

When I was on my last year of University, I met Marika, a funny and full of expressions young lady who shares really similar interests as me. As we talk, we saw potentials and the differences between us can be brought together and create something we have done right now. Most often, we think about the same thing at the same time and when we mention something, we would be like “hey! I was thinking of the same thing before!!” We couldn’t be more compatible than that. People say “things happens in life for a reason”, now I see why!


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