Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks: Another Product Down the Thumbs-down Bucket!

Here is another review of a beauty product. I’m quite a late adopter for this one but it’s never too late to try and share my experience and thoughts with you guys!

The first thing that attracted me was the detachable eye shadow feature. You are able to purchase each eye shadow individually and connect them together to make your own palette. Sweet, right? The size of the shadow is small and it’s convenient to carry them around in a small purse or makeup clutch. Perfect for traveling!

Although, what we really need to talk about is the shadow itself since that’s the part we bought it for, right? The shadows are 3$ each and Revlon made quite a lot of shades: a series of nudes, mauves, blues and earth tones, a total of 30 different shades. Behind each shadow, the different finishes are indicated, such as satin, metallic or pearl.

Although…… I have to say, I am kind of disappointed with this product 😦 . The packaging is great but not the product itself. The shadows are really chalky & dry and not pigmented AT ALL. If you put it on your lids, you can see  BITS of shimmer of the tint, but nothing else. If you rub it gently, the product comes off very easily (even if you put a primer on). You may say “The price reflects the product’s quality“, 3$ doesn’t seem a lot, but if you add up for your own palette (maybe 3 colours or 4?) I think you can use the same amount of money to buy a better drugstore quality palette.revlon_shadowlinks3

Since I’ve bought all 4 finishes, I would say that the satin finish is the most pigmented. The others, metallic & pearl, are very chalky and shimmer only (but let’s face it, the satin is not a wow pigmentation either). To not put this product to waste, I think I could always use the satin ones to create a crease on my lids and use those shimmer base as a highlighter.

The picture down below is used with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion as a base and I used only one full application of the shadow (an amount that you would normally pick up to put on your lids). Even then, the product doesn’t show much.. imagine if you want to put it on your lids and your lids are slightly darker than your overall skin? Not very useful…


Mini tips: If you already have this product or a product with similar consistency, I would suggest to use a primer or a white eyeshadow base to start with, so the colours can show more and stick to your lids better.

Overall, I rate this product 6/10 but it still goes in our thumbs-down bucket (or maybe I’m being too generous?).  😦


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