Revlon Photoready Prime and Antishine Review + Montreal’s Ribfest 2015

Hello M&M’s!

This is our first impression on the Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti Shine primer. We took the opportunity to test it on the day we went to Montreal’s first Great Ribfest (the event was awesome by the way!). It was a really hot and humid day and the air on site was filled with BBQ smoke, so it was the perfect day to test out an “anti shine” primer. We kept the product on our face for a total of 8 hours, which is usually the normal amount of time that makeup should last. Overall we are quite impressed with the quality of this drugstore product! We would totally recommend it: it’s affordable and the product performs as expected for the given price! -Thumbs up- 👍

Here are our thoughts, broken down into sections:

Product: The product is long lasting. As we applied the primer, our faces were definitely photoready even if we didn’t have any foundation on. Obviously it is more visible on an oily skin because it has creates a poreless effect. You can always use this primer without makeup: you are good to walk out the door with a bare face! 8/10 👍

Texture: The texture of the product is creamy, comparable to very soft wax. As you apply it to your face, the product melts onto your skin and gives a matte finish and a slightly powdery texture. The product is very light weighted: as you apply it, you don’t feel that you put something on your face. 7/10 👍

Scent: The primer doesn’t have a strong scent. You can only smell it when you are up close to the product in the packaging. As you apply it onto your face, you won’t smell anything which is a plus to this product. We HATE products with a strong scent! 9/10 👍

Packaging: The product comes in a hardcase. Half of it is the product and the other half is a sponge for you to use to apply the product on your face. The case is almost the size of the palm of the hand. Although maybe it would be better if it were a smaller size, like a compact powder foundation with a sponge at the bottom, so it would be more portable and fit into a small purse. 7/10 👍

Overall, we are impressed by this product! By the end of the day, you can see a bit of shine on the spots where there usually is more sebum. We didn’t do any touch ups on our foundation, therefore this is a genuine review from our day.

Marika:  normal/combination skin.
Melissa:  combination skin but mostly very oily


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