How to easily determine your skin type

Your skin type is something you are born with, aka you got it from your mama. It depends mostly on the water content of your skin and your skin’s production of sebum. There is little you can do to change your skin type, but it is easy to adapt to it, assuming you have the right products. Determining one’s skin type can be a little challenging, which is why we wish to share with you a few tips to help you determine once and for all your skin type! (You’re welcome)

Wash and dry your face, as you usually do. Wait a few hours, or even overnight, and look at your face in the mirror. Look for oily zones, dry zones, redness, imperfections, pores, etc.

You have a:

Oily skin if: your skin looks oily all over and large pores are visible (mostly around the nose). This skin type is often prone to blemishes and blackheads are visible.

Dry skin if: your skin looks dry and flakey, and pores are very small. The skin feels “tight” and rough, and sometimes looks dull. Red patches is a common sign too. Skin presents less elasticity.

Combination skin if: your skin looks oilier in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin), but feels dry on the cheeks (cheeks are either dry or normal). It is a combination of oily skin and dry or normal skin. This skin type is the most common.

Normal skin if: your skin isn’t dry nor oily and pores are barely visible. The overall appearance of this skin type is radiant, and resembles a child’s skin.

Many factors such as eating habits, exercice, genetic factors, medication, etc. can have an impact on your skin type. Ask a beauty expert or a doctor about it. Also, your skin can have problems such as sensitivity or dehydration. However, these can easily be treated, and they have nothing to do with your skin type (yes, oily skin can be dehydrated!).

Now that you know what your skin type is, buy products accordingly and adapt your beauty routine to it. Your skin will look fabulous, and people will ask you for you secret!

Let us know what is your skin type and the skin condition in the comment section down below, we would love to hear from you!


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