Beauty Products: Keep them or trash them?

makeup shelf life

Beauty products, just like food and many other things, have a shelf life. You may not be eating them but you still apply them near sensitive areas such as your eyes. We’ve all cheated (more than once!) and used an expired product on our face, most of the time without even being aware of our crime.

In order to avoid an unpleasant surprise on your face, make sure that your beauty products are always safe to use (aka not expired). This can easily be achieved by regularly reorganizing your makeup bag and throwing out any product that you think is expired. Oh and: when in doubt, throw out!.

An easy way to know when to throw out your beauty products is to look for the tiny symbol that looks like an opened jar with a number on it, either 6M, 12M, 24M, etc. This symbol indicates the shelf life of the product (6 months, 12 months, etc). Of course, just like any other expiration date, is just a guideline: it doesn’t mean that your product suddenly becomes toxic and dangerous to use once the time indicated on the container has passed.

What you can do is an easy 3-step test:

  1. Does the product LOOK the same as when you bought it? Maybe the colour is different or the product is separating.
  2. Does the product SMELL the same as when you bought it?
  3. Does the product have the same TEXTURE as when you bought it?

If you have answered “yes” to all 3 criteria, your product is still good to used! Be especially careful will liquid and creamy products (foundation, mascara, cream blush, etc), as these tend to be better breeding grounds for bacteria!

Oh and if you are like me and can never remember when you bought a product, use a sharpie to write the date on it!! This way, you’ll never use an expired product again! And your face will thank you for that.

If you have any question concerning beauty tips, don’t hesitate to email us! -xox-


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