Review: Rimmel Scandaleye’s Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner In The BIGGER Thumbs Down Bucket

Ok, I can’t explain my anger right now. It’s not because the brand made a bad product. More like HOW CAN A COMPANY PRODUCE SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! Did you NOT test your product before putting it out there?! Yeah that is how angry I am. I really don’t get this product.

I am a big fan of thick winged eyeliner and the one I use everyday is running out of juice. I saw the Rimmel eyeliner on the shelf and I said to myself:“Well, why not try this one out? It might be a good product!” P.S: Rimmel isn’t my go-to drugstore brand but trying out some things won’t hurt, right? Maybe it would be a wonderful treasure find. Apparently NOT.

Ok let’s talk about the claims written on the packaging:

  • First, “WATERPROOF”… NOT. AT. ALL. It goes buh-bye just by running water on it.
  • “24 hours”.. excuse me, it just lasted 24 seconds! After a few blinks, you see the product wears off already…
  • “get dramatic cat eye in one simple stroke”.., just no. This thing is so translucent I felt I was using a Crayola marker..
  • “Chubby pen for an easy steady grip”.. ok I agree on this one, I liked the thick pen a lot.
  • “Waterproof, Smugde-proof, Tear-proof, Sweat-proof, Heat-proof, humidity-proof and… scandal-proof!”..waterproof? nope. smugde-proof? NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. just by running my fingers on the product, it smudges just as easy as eating a broccoli!
  • “Long lasting ultra-black colour”…. HA! ultra-black.. really? I had to put almost 5 layers to have an 80% opacity from this product..


rimmel_swatch_smudged rimmel_swatch

So basically, this product is really bad.. thumbs down for sure. I didn’t expect it to be THAT BAD! I would just give this product a 3/10. I’m really mad right now, I need to sip on my Tim Horton’s Iced cap right now. C ya guys, and remember: don’t buy!


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