#NOTD For Brides-to-be!

It’s the time for weddings! bride_nailsThis NOTD is very simple and might be something you have already seen before. 💍 This nail art is simply with a nude base plus a gradient of fine glitter on the tip. It is very simple, yet very elegant; not too extravagant but very subtle. Obviously when you think of the word marriage, you will think of the bride with a pretty dress, the handsome groom in a sophisticated outfit and, nonetheless, the wedding rings. As I carefully picked the combination for this nail art, each choice went through thoughtful process to bring the best out of the bride and her special day. Here are my suggestions:

I chose a nude translucent-jelly polish as the base colour. However, I didn’t pick a solid nude polish because it puts weight on the hands and it might look like a ‘cake face’ but on nails (and we don’t want that!). I also chose a very fine glitter polish. Those glitter is very gentle but sparkles a lot. Since it’s not big glitters, it won’t take away the attention from your ring and would give a feminine look than a childish one. Due to the colours of the nails plus the light shimmers, they give the illusion that your fingers seem a lot longer (instead, if you do a french manicure, the white will shorten your nail bed and the length of your fingers). In result, the nail art compliment your fingers by elongating them. Also with the subtle design, it gives an elegant classy look without over doing and take away the focus of you bling bling of the day.

Stay tuned, we will have a makeup tutorial to share with you to go with these nails<3

Polishes used: Pixie Dust by China Glaze; Love At First Byte by Sation Nail Lacker


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