Marika’s Hair Transformation: Back to Purple!

I have always loved unnatural hair colours and I decided about a year ago that it was time for me to take the plunge and… dye my beloved hair!

I dyed it bright purple last summer, then went aubergine for the fall and fuschia for the new year (which has been my hair colour ever since). I loved every colour I had and got so many compliments from friends but also from complete strangers! However, these past few months, a part of me knew something was wrong… as in the wrong colour

Since we all come back to our first love, I decided it was time to dye my hair purple again, which is my FAVOURITE colour EVER (btw). I’ve tried quite a few different dyes over the past year: Punky Colour, Koleston by Wella Professionals, Manic Panic, etc. This time, I went with Goldwell’s Elumen, in VV @all, a permanent dye that stays  for months. So far, I LOVE it, and I can say that this is my favourite dye so far: the colour is very bright and vibrant, and barely washes off. The only down side is that it requires a specific shampoo (if you want to keep the colour looking fresh) and it stains like crazy! But purple hair >>>>>>>anything

Feel free to ask me any questions about hair dyes, or share pictures of your unnatural hair colour!


 vibrant purple hair   Vibrant purple   Fushia hair   lavendar purple1

lavendar purple hair 2


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