How to turn your lipstick into a MATTE one!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to find a good shade of lippie in a matte finish? Whether it’s in the NARS collection or Maybelline collection, from the high-end brands to low-end ones, you just can’t find THAT one shade that you like! Well girl, I’ve been in this situation many times… because I am very but very picky in lipstick colours.. just like nail polish….

So here is a quick tip on how to turn your favorite lipstick into a matte one. It will save you money and will guarantee you that it will be the shade you like. Even if it has a satin finish, glossy finish or whatever finishes that exist out there, this will work!

All you need is: your favorite lippieΒ and a finishing powder of your choice.

I used my Sonia Kashuk satin finish lipstick in the shade #82 Nude Pink and my NYX HD Studio Photogenic finish powder.

matte_SK1Β matte_SK2

All you need to do is put your lippie like you normally do. Then, pour a little bit of the finishing powder on a piece of tissue and use your fingers or a brush to dab it over the lipstick. You don’t have to put too much because your lips will become very caky ( it won’t be very pretty & we don’t want that). I just simply used a very small amount and applied 2 thin-layers of powder with 2 fingers. If the lipstick is very greasy, you may absorb the excess “oil” by applying a tissue on your lips before the powder.

The effect is super nice, it won’t make your lippie runny and it also lasts for a good while! Obviously, you might need a few touch-ups after you eat or drink.


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