What We’ve Been Up To Lately…

Hello darlings!

We haven’t been as productive on the blog as we would have liked to lately… And we want to apologize for that!

We have both been very busy these past few months, and we wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to!

Melissa: During the whole summer, I’ve been taking courses to complete my undergrad degree in Communication studies. Boy, it was quite a challenge! Everything is so packed, I almost have no room to breathe! And of course, I am a workaholic, so I’ve been working a lot and have had 4-hour classes twice a week since June. Finally, those days are over and I have completed my last 6 credits to obtain my degree. Now, I’m waiting for my graduate ceremony to take pretty pictures and head to the next chapter of my life! Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to show, unless you want to read my essays? haha. What is awaiting in my next section of my life? Quite a transition I must say!

Marika: I was studying full time in beauty school for the past few months, and I am now officially an MUA! Hurray!! I have been working on my portfolio, which includes various looks such as a natural makeup, a bridal makeup, glamorous looks, and artistic looks. You can see bellow a few looks that I created for my portfolio. Hope you like it! (More photos to come once the final pictures are ready!!) Also, I have been pretty busy focusing on my social life, because it’s summertime and I miss my friends all the time!! As you can imagine, I tried a gazillion new restaurants, new recipes, new drinks, etc. Wandering in Montreal is just that much more fun when the weather is nice and you’re in good company! I am now ready to go back to school and kick a**!

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2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To Lately…

  1. Wow, you’ve had an impressively packed schedule, the both of you! I really admire your commitment and your passion 😀 And I’m so happy the blog will keep churning out fun, beautiful content 😉


    1. Hi Raphaelle!
      Thanks for the sweet comment! We sure will be focusing a lot more on the blog right now! Hope our future post will be in your interests and to the other as well ❤


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