A Celebration of Beauty & Style at Atelier Rockland

Last Friday night, we headed to the Rockland Center to attend Atelier Rockland, an event organized by Isabelle Gauvin & Stylistes. It was the team’s first occasion to represent the blog at a VIP event, and we were VERY excited about it!

A makeup artist and a hairstylist were there to enhance our looks, and a huuuge walk-in was set up – isn’t it every girl’s dream?!. Inside the walk-in, various items such as coats, hats, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. were available for us to try on. Isabelle’s team helped us recreate our personal version of one of the season’s top looks, including “70’s Glam”, “Urban Chic” and “British Countryside”.




Melissa was stunning in a 70’s inspired look, with leather boots and a gorgeous emerald vest (we both really want to buy it!!).


Marika rocked an all-but-boring urban chic outfit, which suited perfectly her edgy style.


Overall, we had a blast at Atelier Rockland and we can’t to repeat this experience in the near future! Thank you Rockland Center and Isabelle Gauvin & Stylistes for this great evening!

-xox- M&M


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