Stolen Camera = Violated Creativity

The other night, someone broke into my house and stole some stuff. Among the things that were stolen was my camera that I used mainly for Youtube…

Despite this appalling situation, I consider myself lucky because the thief didn’t steal my computer (aka my LIFE). It could have been much, much worse… But still, losing my camera made me SO angry! Actually, it’s not losing the camera that hurt me the most, it was losing the SD card that was inside the camera…

When and if the thief turns on the camera, he/she will see clips that Marika and I filmed during our free time, with the intention of presenting a super cool and useful makeup tutorial AND a nail tutorial… The thief probably won’t even notice but what they did was steal our precious time, our creativity and most of all, be harmful to the achievement of our dreams. We had been working really hard to prepare those 2 videos, which will never be published.

But don’t you worry guys! Stay tuned, team Melrika will have more videos for you very soon. Please be patient with us 🙂 We are working really hard! ❤


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