To All The Foodies: MTL À TABLE Event!

To all the foodies out there who haven’t heard of the MTL à TABLE event yet, you should definitely read through this post. Well, every person who likes good food and doesn’t like to pay a fortune for it should read this post 😉

As we are both absolute foodies, we are very excited about this event, which we attend religiously every year! We are counting down the days left until this yummy event as if it were Christmas! Yes, MTL à TABLE is that close to our hearts.

If you are nearby or in the city, you should definitely check this out! The participating restaurants (and we mean good and fancy ones) come up with a set menu (Table d’hôte, in French) that’ll cost you 21$, 31$ or 41$ (depending on the restaurant). So basically, you will be trying fancy dishes for a reasonable price! There’s are a great variety of cuisine you can pick from and a LOT of restaurants. Some restaurants even offer brunch! So why not sleep in and treat that special someone or the family?

The event takes place from October 29th to November 8th. If you don’t have anything planned, get a date with your loved one(s) or girlfriends! You’ll have a memorable time and your tastebuds will jubilate. Book your table soon because this event is very popular!

Happy feasting dear foodies! ❤



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