The Rocky Horror Picture Show is Bringing Sexy Back #rhpsmtl

Glitter, lace, corsets, leather. How else could we describe the Rocky Horror Picture Show ? You may have seen the iconic red lips somewhere in the city and may have wondered what this is all about. The Rocky is an event base on the 1975 musical comedy/horror film of the same name, and may well be the sexiest show of the year! It is a classic and must-see show every Halloween, that takes place year after year and still attracts many guests (this year marks the 40th anniversary of the film, so this is huge). 

The audience is VERY prepared for the show: the most dedicated fans dress up as their favourite character and most people in the audience wear a costume that goes with the sexy ambiance of the show (think corsets, fishnets, high heels). The show is very participatory: the audience screams words when certain characters are on stage, and throw cards, toasts, toilet paper and water during specific scenes. 

The onstage cast performs a funnier, sexier version of the movie, while it is being projected on a screen in the background. Plastic Patrick does the narration over the sound of the movie, and makes jokes mostly about the characters and the situations on screen, but also about what is going on in Montreal (think Justin Trudeau’s recent election). This year, a good friend of mine played a major role and I had the chance to do her makeup!! I tried to be quick, so the makeup isn’t perfect but you know… when you’re in the audience, you wouldn’t notice 😉 It is inspired from the 1980s and glam rock. Hope you like it!

Overall, you can expect to spend 2 hours of pure fun, laughter, and sexiness. Wild night guaranteed!

The show is in English, and there are 2 performances each night (8PM and 11PM). The event takes place from Thursday October 29 to Saturday October 31 at the Cinéma Impérial (1430 de Bleury). 


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