Sephora Colorful Collection – Contour Los Cabos & Fiji

Sephora Colorful contours

Hello colourful M&M’s!

Keep in mind that I am Asian with medium golden skin. I’m not considered as a pale Asian (Chinese) so I lean more towards the tanned side. Also, my undertone is pink therefore, my golden skin looks warmer than others who have an olive undertone. I’m also writing this post because I tried to look for reviews and swatches on these 2 colours before buying them but there are not enough information out there for me to say “oh hell yeah! I will buy it live!”. So I hope you will find this useful :).

I also have a question for you at the end of this post and a mini tip from Marika regarding contour 101!

So I bought these online from Sephora, therefore, I never swatched these in real life but I went with my gut feeling. I picked up the contour shades Los Cabos no.24 and Fiji no.25. I was hesitating between the two (and still am) because Los Cabos has a matte finish but is a slightly cooler tone (I love matte) and Fiji is a warmer tone with a bit of shimmer, but seemed to go more with my skin tone. Fiji contains bigger golden glitters, which makes the finish very pretty (click on the link to have a close-up of the product). Once applied, the product seemed matte, so it is a plus for this shade.

sephora_colorful_closeup-loscabos sephora_colorful_closeup-fiji

Here I swatched 2 spots on my forearm. The inside of my arm is slightly lighter than my actual face (Photo no.1) and the swatch on my outer forearm (Photo no.2) is a lot closer to the tone of my face. Hope these swatches will help those who have pale golden skin and darker golden skin like I do.

sephora_colorful_swatch1 sephora_colorful_swatch2

I personally do not wear fondation on a daily basis, only when it’s a night out or special occasion. Since the colour of Fiji is warm, it works as a bronzer and warmed up my face without looking like an Oompa Loompa. When used as contour, it gives a very subtle look but if you are a person who doesn’t wear heavy foundation or not at all, like me, this could give a very natural glow to your face.


As for Los Cabos, the colour seemed like a warm brown on the website but once you swatch it, the colour has a cool tone. If I wear Los Cabos on my bare skin, sometimes I feel like I have a very big dark patch on my face, which of course, is not very flattering. However, this shade does carry it’s category name well and does a good job for contouring when you wear fondation. I also really recommend this shade when you are going on a night out. In a deemed light environment, it enhances the shadow of the contour which makes your face structures prettier without looking weird.


The eyeshadows are 19$ CAD each, the quality of the product is pretty good and has a good pigmentation. The swatches are made with only 1 application, the same amount that I used in the pictures on my fingers. I would totally recommend this to all beginners, like me, who are new to makeup and contouring and do not wish to spend  50$+ on a palette! On a little note, Sephora made this really convenient: you can pop the product out and put it in a magnetised palette (Z palette).


As I am still very undecided, I asked my “partner in crime certified makeup artist” Marika about which one I should keep. Here’s what she says, which can be a good tip for you all:

Contour shade is a personal taste. Normally a contouring shade leans more towards a cooler tone and matte finish, for shading. Sometimes, using a warmer toned powder or a bronzer can give an awkward orange finish when it is too intense and can make you face look dirty instead of contoured. 

Maybe I will keep both, I really don’t know guys! I like Los Cabos because it really does its job but at the same time, Fiji just gives me a natural glow without looking overdone and orange and serves my tastes with my no-foundation look… Please let me know in the comments which one you would keep or should I just keep both?! :3



5 thoughts on “Sephora Colorful Collection – Contour Los Cabos & Fiji

  1. they look beautiful! i’d keep both – the first for just everyday bronzing, the second for when you feel like contouring 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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