Style SO Original is a Feast for the Eyes

We were very pleased and honoured to be invited to Style SO Original‘s pop-up shop on Thursday, November 7th. We were welcomed by the lovely owner, Marie-Claude, who introduced us to the concept of the brand. As we discovered the many treasures in the store, we learned about the brand’s unique and ethical vision, which made us fall in love with Style SO Original.  

The founder originally opened her shop on Etsy, and her products are now available at a pop-up shop located in the splendid Rockland Center. The brand offers unique and handmade leather bags from Nina Heyer in a great variety of colours (fushia, turquoise blue, grey, yellow, etc), as well as jewelry and accessories. Since everything is handmade and produced in small quantities, you can never find 2 identical items. For example, even if 2 bags look similar on the outside, the lining on the inside won’t be the same. Also, on some leather products we can see scars that were on the animal’s skin, making the product even more unique.

What we love the most about this brand is the infinite choice of colours and styles, and of course, the ethical aspect of Style SO Original. Materials such as metal, glass beads, wooden beads, etc. come from various places in the world and are handmade by local artisans. The profit will go to the makers of the product. By doing so, the brand supports people in need and helps in developing the local economy. Knowing that the money you spend on a fashion accessory will help people in less developed countries is a great feeling and a great way to make a change in the world.

If you are weak for leather products and if you are crazy about colours (just like us!), you will LOVE this brand!

You can connect with them on


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