MTL à Table: Modavie Is Perfect for a Romantic Night Out

Looking for a fun and romantic place to bring your date? Modavie is a great option!

This restaurant, located in the heart of Montreal’s Old Port, is well-known for its delicious French cuisine (think mussels & fries, steak frites, lamb chops, etc), its extensive wine menu and the live jazz that is played every night by local bands. Despite its popularity, neither Melissa nor I had ever tried the restaurant. We decided that since it was MTL à Table, the timing was perfect and we had no reasons not to try it out!

Everything on the menu seemed delicious, but we stayed with the MTL à Table special menu. This is what we had:

For the 1st service, Melissa had the garlic snails, which were served with a creamy garlic sauce on top of a millefeuille pastry. Everything went well together and the presentation of the dish was really great! Marika had the duck rillettes with orange supreme, which was full of flavours and a great combination of hot and cold, since it was served with hot garlic bread.


For the 2nd service, Melissa had the grilled salmon with mango salsa, seasonal vegetables and risotto. Marika had the duck confit with raspberry sauce, seasonal vegetables and potatoes with oregano. Both meals had very great seasoning which brought out the taste of the meat. The different flavours (the sourness of the raspberry, the saltiness of the duck and the sweetness of the potatoes) and colours (fuchsia, purple, beige, orange, etc) in Marika’s dish were very interesting.

modavie_duck modavie_salmon

Even when we are very full, we always have the 3rd stomach for dessert, right? 😉 We can confirm, the chocolate fondant is the best!! It was sooo good we wanted to order another one!


Overall, we had a very positive experience at this restaurant. The dishes were delicious, the service was great, and we particularly loved the warm and cozy ambiance, perfect for a romantic night out! Also, their reservation system is very convenient; you can simply book a table through their website.

We can’t wait for the next food festival, and in the meantime, we will definitely go back to Modavie to try other meals (and hear other bands!).



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