Black Friday Tips for Scoring Amazing Beauty Deals

Hey beauty addicts!

This Friday is Black Friday, an event we’ve all been waiting for, all year long! There will be incredible sales in stores and online, and why not take this opportunity to treat yourself or someone you love? Why not buy your Christmas presents in advance? Or that gorgeous palette we know you’ve been eyeing for the past few months?? Tempting, isn’t it!

Black Friday is an amazing occasion to score not-to-be-missed beauty deals. Here are some of our favourites:

Sephora : Many beauty deals at only $13 (CAN)
Urban Decay : 20% off sitewide. YES! they have their own Canadian site now!
Smashbox : 25% off with a purchase of $50,00 or more
Ebates: Get all sorts of deals and cashback before heading to the official pages! Seriously guys, this is worth it. Get cash back while shopping over the great cyber sale deals! win-win situation here!

Be sure to check all your favourite brands, as they might offer great  deals too!
Melissa: Being a tech girl, of course, I have to make a To-Buy list of all the tech I am interested in and do my research before the shopping spree day begins! And obviously, same for makeup and for Christmas gifts. This year, if you followed our blog, my new camera got stolen so I am planning to buy the same one and hopefully it goes on sale and save a few buck. On Friday morning, I will gear up with my coffee with my credit card beside my computer and ready to tackle Sephora’s and Smashbox website! Wonderful treasure find, here I come and work that credit card!! 😉

Marika: My personal Black Friday ritual includes waking up early, making myself a nice huge cup of coffee and browsing the Sephora website, first and foremost. These past couple years, I have found some amazing beauty deals for only $12 (CAN). Scoop: this is how I discovered Boscia products, which are a-ma-zing btw! Also, last year I bought a gorgeous palette from Smashbox, which I still haven’t used GASP! Call me an impulsive buyer or a makeup hoarder, I’ll end up using it (soon I hope!).

PS: Don’t forget to save some money for Cyber Monday!! 😉

Have a great Cyber Weekend – Team Melrika ❤


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