Café Chat L’heureux is Purrrfect to Unwind

Even though I am the craziest cat lady and love to hang out in cafés, I had never been to Montreal’s cat café Chat L’heureux, located at 712 Duluth E. ave. Un-be-lie-va-ble, I know!

Last week, my morale was quite low, after having handed in 2 final papers and a creative project. I guess the accumulated stress from these past few months -studying at university, working 2 jobs, trying to run the blog, having a healthy social life, etc – had started to be felt. I decided I needed a well-deserved break and asked my favourite cat-loving human to join me for a fun evening at Chat L’heureux.

From the moment I saw the cute kitties curled up in the window, I fell in love with the place, and all the stress and negativeness in me was gone. The café is super cute, the staff is very friendly and the menu is mouthwatering (I highly recommend the Milady smoothie). The place is designed so that the cats are kings and queens: high structures are built for them to climb, there are plenty of games for you to have fun with them, and of course, plenty of place for the cats to nap.

There are 8 “regular” cats who are always at the café, and some kittens are there too and are ready to be adopted. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was too busy petting all the cats… 😉 On the cover picture you can see Chopin and Gustave, 2 of the cute “regular” cats from the café. Every animal has a different personality, but most of them will kindly let you pet them. Some will even follow you around, and others will jump on the table or on your lap. So cute! 

Overall, I LOVED Café Chat L’heureux, it made me feel like I had just died and gone to cat heaven. I can’t wait to go back, I already miss the cute kitties!! Check their website and their Facebook page for the cutest pictures of the cats!

Your very own cat lady, Marika =^..^=


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