[Storytime] Experience At The Forever Flawless Store


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I haven’t read much about the Forever Diamond brand on the internet and I would like to share my experience at their store and talk about some of their products. Since it is a skincare product, I am planning to make a video update somewhere in January since skincare products take a while to show results. So keep reading to know what are my thoughts and it might be a friendly advice if you come across this company when you shop.

About 2 weeks ago, I was shopping at one of Montreal’s shopping centers. I usually avoid those kiosks that try to bribe you with samples and lure you to their hard selling speech. With Forever Flawless, it was different, since their interior design is so well built, you already guessed they are  a high-end brand. (Seriously props to them for the design! I love it) That day, I walked in front of their store a few times while waiting for Marika. The girl who was standing at the door, tried to give me samples but I denied every time. However by the end of the day, when the shops closed, I was walking in the direction of the exit where I parked my car. Again, I had to pass in front of Forever Flawless. This time, it was a guy who talked to me. He was really smart, instead of trying to give me samples, he asked me a question and I had to turn around to answer. At that moment, he successfully pulled me in the shop and started applying products on me. Thinking back, I feel very embarrassed that I got lured into their shop while I was able to deny them a few times before.

Anyways, of course, the guy was trying to hard sell their White Diamond Infused product line to me. From his whole speech, all that comes to my mind was just BS (sorry for the language). I am not a person who easily falls for words, especially fake words. All this time, he kept telling me how beautiful I am… If he could, he would take me home or… I looked so sweet that I reminded him of Frozen. WOOOAH THERE! There is a problem, I totally don’t see the resemblance. Worst pick-up line ever?

He wanted to sell me 3 items for 1,000$ + taxes, which is the price they are retailed for. By the end, I was in a rush to go home and got very annoyed by his hard selling techniques, and I kept telling him that I am a student so I don’t have the money to pay for this. So then he told me he will give me a special offer, “which I can’t tell anyone about this”, where he sells me 2 items for 400$ and get the other 2 for free. I kept turning him down for 10 mins. As I got really annoyed, I just paid him so that he’d leave me in peace.

I then I did some research on the brand, and the ratings vary from 5 stars to 1 star. Many complained about the way they sell products, the price of the products, and some people had bad skin reactions while others thought they are amazing products and did wonders. I was very afraid that my skin would have a bad reaction since I have had eczema on my face in the past years. Thank goodness, so far so good. At least I will be able to use my 500$ rather than just throw them away after one use.

As for my first impression, I am not perfectly amazed. I am just okay with it. Of course, it does better job than my Yves Rocher’s skin care, but considering the price I paid – and even more the original retailed price -, I was expecting something more. I got the face peeling mask, makeup remover, milk based cleanser and a moisturizer. The face peeling mask was the thing that interested me the most. However, it is not a new innovation for me as my aunt showed me a product from the brand H2O that did the same thing and I am pretty much sure it’s less expensive too. So far, so good. Not as impressed but I promise you that I will have a video somewhere in January to give you guys an update of my skin and how the product performed.

Although, I would like to give you an advice, I think the price is way too high. The products are simply not for my profile: young, middle-class, recently graduated and still looking for a job. I just want to tell you, if your local mall has this shop open and you do not think of buying from them, simply walk pass them quickly, deny their sample offers or simply.walk.on.the.other.side. They won’t let you go out of the shop without you paying! Also, don’t be shy, be frank, and say what you think!


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