First impression of Forever Flawless’ White Diamond Line

Hello fellow readers, you must be redirected from my post about my experience at the Forever Flawless store. If you haven’t and have the time to read a mini story about what happened, click here! Thinking about it, it’s really funny and dumb.. but lesson learned!

I purchased the White Diamond Infused line. The brand also has 5 different lines and each of them promises a different effect, such as anti-aging, nourishing, etc. The White Diamond line is their basic skincare routine line. In the package, I got the Facial peeling mask, Hydra-A.M. Moisture Complex, and the Cleansing Complex. The seller mentioned the items I was getting are retailed for a total of 1,000$ and made me a deal for 400$ plus tax (“buy 2 items and get 2 other for free”). As he showed me on their website, he claims the price shown is in US dollars, therefore he had to convert it into CAD. Their products are infused with diamond dust. It claims that with the help of fine diamond dust, it will exfoliate gently the surface of the skin and allow better nutrients to penetrate better, (for more details click here). The products have a specific Forever Flawless smell, it is very refreshing with a little scent of sweetness but not overwhelming. Furthermore, each product have a slightly different smell due to its nature.

It is a very high-end product. They are a company based in Las Vegas and they claimed that many celebrities, like Beyoncé, have used their products before. Now, they are trying to break into the general market.

This one is the exfoliating and foaming cleanser. As the name suggest, the pump of the bottle creates foam as you pump the liquid up. The smell is very refreshing, it reminds me of a fresh coconut smell with the Forever Flawless distinctive scent. The product really helps to deep clean the leftover makeup on your face after using a makeup remover. I suggest to use on a damp face as the product will have more effect; or if your face is too wet, the product will only slide down your face with the water.

However, after 2 uses, the pump area is broken… Which made me really not impressed! As I tilt the bottle, the product leaks out from where the pump meets the lid. Also, since it’s broken, the foam creation is not as effective.

This is a milk based cleanser. Usually, I use it after I use the foaming cleanser. I only need to use 1 pump and it is enough to spread it all over my face. Since it is a milk base cleanser, it doesn’t create any bubbles. The product is very silky and soft, and the smell reminds me of cookie dough with their original smell.

Again, the packaging of this product disappointed me. After the 3rd use, the silver part detached. Which caused the tube of the product to separate from the transparent part of the container. The product is still usable, but not very flattering looking and not as convenient as it detaches every time you try to pull the cap out.

forever_flawless_white_diamond_peeling_mask_01 forever_flawless_white_diamond_peeling_mask

This one is the one I am most excited about. I have already seen similar products before but never knew where to get them other than H2O from Hong Kong. As you apply it to your skin, it helps to lift all the dead skin from your face. The product has a refreshing smell and reminds me of a fruit. It has small beads for exfoliating. As you massage the product on your clean and moist skin in circular motions, you will see dead skin building up. After using it, it really helped me cleaning out my pores. Due to my oily skin, my pores are really huge and structured like a balloon. I usually have a hard time to squeeze out the black heads because as I press on them, my pore closes on itself. Therefore, this peeling mask helps to take away the top layer of the skin and helps me to “dig” up the dirt from the pores. It comes with a spoon, so you won’t be contaminating the product.

forever_flawless_white_diamond_moisturizer_01 forever_flawless_white_diamond_moisturizer

Finally, the moisturizer. It also comes with a spoon to keep it clean. The moisturizer is gel-based, and it smells almost the same as the peeling mask. As you apply it on your face in a circular motion, it absorbs into your skin within seconds, therefore, you will feel a bit sticky as you apply it onto your face. Without irritating my skin too much, I like to use the tapping method to tap in the product. As it dries out, it leaves a matte feel and finish. The company claims that it can also be a makeup primer.

To conclude, for a first impression on the white diamond collection, I am satisfied with it but I still find it expensive comparing to my consumer profile. At least I don’t have any breakout or any problem. I really like the design of the overall packaging and also the smell of each of them. I am looking forward to see the results. I promised to make you a video update in January, as skincare takes time for results. So stay tuned! And let me know what you think in the comments if you own any of Forever Flawless’ products!

Overall, I would rate the products 8/10. Stay tuned!


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