Melrika’s Super Useful Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

It’s the time of the year where all the parties, family gatherings, spending quality time with loved ones and participating in gift exchanges are happening! Sometimes, finding the right gifts is not an easy task. Or maybe you are simply a last minute shopper? 😉 So Team Melrika is sharing some gift ideas that could go in anyone’s Christmas stockings!

  1. If your are doing a gift exchange with your girl friends, the Color Around the World would be a good one. You can give it as part of the gift or separate the items from the package to share with everyone on your list. It is reasonably priced, thus leaving you room in your budget. If you are doing a gift for each of your girl friends, this is one of the ideal gifts where you can break them apart and the fun part is, you get to match the shadows to all of your girl friend’s personalities! Retail price: 35,00$ CAD for 4 palettes.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 7.47.21 PM
    Color Around the World by Sephora
  2. You are a person who likes to handpick many different gifts for a person (in this case a girl); buying travel-size products would be ideal! If you shop on Sephora’s website, they have a gift section for under 13$ or a section called “Travel Size”. Here are the list that we think would surprise your girl friend:


    Or for a guy:

  3. If you feel like DIYing something, you can make an ingredients mason jar gifts. You simply need to get some mason jars and stuff it with ingredients in order to create a recipe. It is perfect for both boys and girls and very thoughtful. Here are some ingredients ideas for the festive time.
    1. Drinks: Hot Cocoa with marshmallows, Peppermint Moka, Perppermint cocoa, Red Velvet cocoa, Spicy hot chocolate, etc.; you can be as creative as you want.
    2. Baking: chocolate muffins, chocolate cookies, Red Velvet cookies, Cocoa brownies with nuts, etc.; open the recipe book and choose!
  4. Here’s another tip: buy a few extra gifts in case you forget someone on your list or if you get a last minute invitation! Candles, bath products, a wine bottle, or any gift card makes for a great gift for your hosts and for pretty much anyone on your list!

Wish you all a happy holidays! -xox-
❤ Melrika Team


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