Janvier à la Carte – Dix30 Event

Hello fellow foodies!

Here is another food event post about what is happening around town! This time, it is located in the South Shore of Montreal, Brossard’s famous outlet, Quartier Dix30. If you didn’t know why Dix30 is so special, the outlet is Canada’s first lifestyle outlet and designed to emulate the downtown style of Montreal in the suburb area. Really cool place to hang out! 😉

So this event, Janvier a la Carte, is an event with participating restaurants in Dix30 offer a Table d’Hôte (3 course menu) ranging from 20, 30 or 40$. Very similar to the MTL A Table and the Gourmand event. It will be running from January 2nd to the 31st.

This year, there are 13 restaurants participating in the event. Click on name to see their menu!

  1. Le Balthazar: A resto-bar, specialized in Quebec beers. If you are a beer enthusiast, you should try this one!janvier a la carte dix30 le Balthazar
  2. Crux Comptoir: If you are a vegetarian or want to try to become one, this is your chance! They have 2 sets of menus 886871_658723767563447_7167874086116140386_o
  3. Fontana: An Italian restaurant with a very nice setting. If it were summer, you would be able to go on their terrasse! Very romantic. They serve delicious gelato too 😉 – One of the fav of Melissa! janvier a la carte La Fontana
  4. Houston: You can tell buy the name, it is a Texan style cuisine! Very nice interior, perfect place to hang out! They have 3 sets of menu for this event too!! janvier a la carte Houston
  5. Jack Saloon: A very popular resto-bar/show-bar. One of the best places to hang around. Their drinks though…..!! janvier a la carte dix30 Jack Saloon
  6. Niji: Very classy Japanese restaurant. Perfect for a romantic date! 2 delicious sets of menu! janvier a la carte dix30 Niji
  7. Siam: A delicious Thai restaurant, all about that hype! Serving very yummy food, and 2 sets of menus! janvier a la carte dix30 Siam
  8. Skara: If you are craving for Greek food, well this is a good chance! 2 sets of menu, sounds really really yummy! janvier a la carte dix30 Skara
  9. Sofia: Such yummy italian food and a very cozy decor. They are having 2 sets of menu for this event. janvier a la carte dix30 Sofia
  10. Le Turf: An amazing restaurant with an amazing inspired menu of surf destination in the world! We are guessing it’s the best place to have a mini winter escape for the dinner! 😉 Love the ambience too! janvier a la carte dix30 Oasis Surf Le Turf
  11. Yuzu: A Japanese cuisine restaurant serving 1 menu set for the event. Worth the try because it’s a new restaurant in Dix30! janvier a la carte dix30 Yuzu
  12. Zibo! : O-M-G.. this is the top restaurant on Melissa’s list. She’s been there for a lot of times and never regret them! It is a California style resto-bar. Love the setting and great food! Serving 2 amazing menu for the event and they didn’t failed this time either! 😉 janvier a la carte dix30 Zibo!
  13. Zyara: Wanna try Lebanese? This is a great opportunity to try this lounge resto. You have 2 choices of menu to choose from. Sounds very yummy too! 😉 janvier a la carte dix30 Zyara

Dix30 is such a good place to hang out! It’s a very beautiful place where you have everything: Almost every stores are over there, and there’s also a spa, cafes, movies, salons, etc. It’s just like a downtown Montreal but in the South Shore! Which resto would you like to try this month?

Have a great one from the Melrika team!

*All pictures are from Dix30’s Facebook Page*


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