Birthstone Beauty: January Edition

Hello darlings!

If you are like us and have a thing for everything that GLITTERS, you probably like jewels. And who says jewels, says gemstones, and who says gemstones says… BIRTHSTONES!! That’s right! Every month for the following year, we will take inspiration from the month’s birthstone to create a makeup look and a nail design. We are suuuper excited and proud to share our concept with you, and we hope that it’ll inspire you too. Feel free to share your pictures!

The birthstone for January is the garnet, which is a gemstone that signifies eternal friendship and trust. It comes in an array of colours, from deep red to vibrant green, though they are more commonly red. More info here.

garnetsImage from: here

I created 2 eye looks, one that is easily wearable on any occasion, and another one that is more extreme. Red isn’t the easiest colour to work with, especially on the eyes: it is highly pigmented and thus harder to blend. Warning: a few people have reactions to red pigments, so make sure to test the eyeshadows before applying them in large quantity on your eyes.

For the everyday look: Base is pro longwear paintpot in “Painterly” by MAC. Eyeliner is lipstick “Diva” by MAC, set with eyeshadow “MS Thing” by Niko. Eyeshadows “Sable” by Smashbox (matte brown) and “Cream” by Smashbox (shimmery yellow). Complete with favourite mascara.


For the extreme look: Eyeshadows are “00” by MakeUpForEver (white), “MS Thing” by Niko (bright red), “Royal” by Smashbox (dark purple), “Sable” by Smashbox, and “MS Tress” by Niko. Eyeliner is aqua cream in “27” by MakeUpForEver. Fake lashes “Pin up” by Musst. with favourite mascara.


Lips: Lip liner is khol pencil “1k” by MakeUpForEver (black). Lipsticks are “Diva” by MAC (deep burgundy) and “Cruella” by Nars (bright red).


Face: Brows are eye brow pencil “Warm Brunette” by Laura Mercier. Highlighter is eyeshadow “Nylon” by MAC. Blush is eyeshadow “M844” by MakeUpForEver. Complete with favourite foundation and concealer.

What’s so special about this look: the “multitasking” of products! I mean; using an eye pencil as a lip liner, and a lipstick as an eyeliner is pretty fun! I love defying the laws of makeup 😉 After all, makeup is meant to be fun!

PS: Sorry again for the resting bitch face… I am not a mean person, I promise!

Here is a nail design I, Melissa, created for this month’s colour. The design was inspired by Marika’s dramatic look from this post! While looking at the colour combination, they immediately reminded me of the mad hater. Do you see how mad this makeup look is? Therefore, I have created the design with that theme.

The thumb has a 3D squared motive on a matte burgundy; black matte index; black checkered on the middle find on top of a cheer grey; black and matte red striped on the ring finger; and finally burgundy red on the pinky.

Even if it is different on all 5 fingers, the design is still very subtle with the sheer grey and squared design.

We wish you enjoyed this mad post!


4 thoughts on “Birthstone Beauty: January Edition

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