Cold Weather Beauty Routine

Winter Beauty Routine Caudalie Origins Bobbi Brown Blistex

Baby it’s cold outside! But no worries beautybabes, we can brave the cold and still look gorgeous!

Winter can be pretty rough for our skin: constantly chapped lips, cracked skin all over the body, etc. And winter in Canada is, let’s face it, brutal, dry and never ending… Which is why it is essential to change your beauty routine once the first snowflakes appear. Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and glowy all winter long. Because the secret to great skin is to take good care of it, all the time.


Winter Routine Bath & Body Works

Body: the secret word is cream. Cream, cream and cream! Oh and lotion too πŸ˜‰ Because the winter is so rough for the skin, I like to use the richest body lotions/cream on the market. I especially like the Daily Moisturizing Lotion, from Aveeno, because it is SO rich that you’ll only need a little product to cover the whole body. Thus, you can skip 1 or 2 days because the skin remains hydrated for a looong time. Also, it is fragrance-free, so it won’t mix with other odours (ex: perfume) and it’s perfect if your skin is sensitive. To add a little fun, I like to use scented products that remind me of the holidays, such as the winter collection of Body cream, from Bath & Body Works. In the picture: “Merry Berry Christmas” and “Twisted Peppermint”.

Winter Beauty Routine Caudalie Origins Bobbi Brown Blistex

Face: During the winter, dehydration becomes a very common problem for most people, no matter their skin type. This is why adding extra care in your beauty routine is essential, both in the morning and at night. You’ll need: a good day cream, a good rich night cream, a good eye cream, lipbalms, serums, masks and oils. All year long, I never leave the house without putting on my S.O.S. thirst quenching serum, from Caudalie. I also love the Moisturizing Sorbet, from Caudalie. Both products are per-fect for sensitive skin, penetrate rapidly, and hydrate the skin immediately. My go-to night cream is High-potency night-a-mins, by Origins. It smells incredibly nice and I love everything from this brand! My eye cream is Hydrating eye cream, from Bobbi Brown. The texture is light and is easy to massage into the delicate skin around the eyes. My lips need extra care, because I hate the feeling of having chapped lips. This is why I always carry a lip balm with me, and I sometimes leave one in the pocket of my coat, just to be sure I have one at hand! In the picture, my homemade lipbalm (recipe to come soon!) and Medicated lip ointment, by Blistex, which does miracles (I apply it every night to have the softest lips in the morning!).

Winter Beauty Routine Josie Maran Tarte Fruits & Passion

Masks and oils are also very useful to keep your skin hydrated. I recently discovered the Cucumber facial massage cream, from Fruits&Passion, and I looove the smell and the concept of a massage cream for the face! I also love the Almond pack condensed mask, from Fruits&Passion, which is super rich. A good oil will help your skin in retaining all that hydration and will enhance the powers of all other products (serums, face moisturizer, etc). I really like Maracuja oil, by Tarte, and Argan oil and Pure argan milk, both by Josie Maran. Β 

Hope you have a great (hydrated) winter! πŸ˜‰


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