The Poutine Week Sends us to (Food) Heaven

Poutine Week Dirty Dogs

This year again, the Poutine Week takes place from February 1 to 7 to warm our hearts and remind us how delicious our national meal is. And with over 60 participating restaurants in Montreal, this year will be bigger than ever! Why? Because the event is now international.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, download the app (LaPoutineWeek) to access menus and rate your experiences! If you are not in Montreal during the Poutine Week, don’t be sad! The event also takes place in Québec and Toronto, and in other countries like Australia, France, and Brazil.Who knew a local invention would become so popular?

Also, there’s an online store where you can order items such as a super cute and funny beanie. You can also buy a pass (yes, there’s a pass) that gives you discounts on certain poutines.

A few restaurants caught our attention; here are our favourite options!

Poutine Week Mile Public House

Poutine Week Deville Dinerbar

Poutine Week Dirty Dogs

Poutine Week KcKibbin's Irish Pub

Poutine Week Pub BreWskey

Bon appétit poutine fans!

-xxx- Team Melrika ❤


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