Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lovers (Review)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I am very excited! It’s the perfect occasion to spend quality time with your significant other and remind them how much they mean to you. This Valentine’s Day, remind yourself and your partner why you fell in love and why you are happy with each other. Thank them for being there and simply being themselves.

If you want to spoil them a little, be creative and do the one thing that’ll make them smile; surprise your significant other with a romantic night out/in, a love note/card/letter, or a thoughtful gift. Still don’t have a gift? I got you covered 😉

Séduction was very kind to send us this lovely Getaway Kit, which I, Marika, have tried and tested for you! Here’s why I love it and think you need to get this for yourself or a lovely couple you know.

The bundle contains 6 travel size Kama Sutra products in a beautiful soft travel case. The kit contains Honey Dust (a sweet honeysuckle-flavoured kissable body powder), Love Liquid (a premium water-based sensual lubricant), Body Soufflé (a French vanilla creme-flavoured body butter), Oil of Love (a vanilla creme kissable warming body oil), a feather tickler and a scented candle. All the products meet flight regulation standards, which is perfect for traveling lovers. The packaging is very pretty, and the design and details are so beautiful!

The scent is also very nice. I am usually not a big fan of vanilla-scented products, but these are perfect: the smell is subtle, yet yummy! My personal favourite is the Body soufflé: it reminds me of vanilla icing or vanilla yogourt! Yumm… The texture is really nice too: the Body soufflé is a light cream that dries nicely on the skin, the Oil of Love is a little sticky but that’s perfect: no one likes an oil that’s too liquid. Also, this product nicely warms the skin, which is great. Overall, this kit is perfect for lovers who like to break the routine and give a special treatment to the other (and who doesn’t?). 

On Séduction’s website or in store, you will find anything you need to spice up your love life, including items for him and for her. The website is especially useful and the delivery is discreet and VERY fast (2-3 days if you live in Montreal). The only negative point is that the website is a little slow and the design makes it a little complicated to navigate. I also think that it would be great to have different scent options for the kit, because the only one available is vanilla.

Need more gift ideas? Go for candles from Bath & Body Works: they smell A-MA-ZING and they burn for a very long time. Perfect for setting that romantic mood! Chocolates are always a good idea if the person has a sweet tooth. If you are looking for a more unique gift, why not a little something for when your partner is away? For example, get them something that’ll remind them of you: your favourite book/movie/TV show, a funny T-shirt, a stuffed animal, etc.

In my mind, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples: it’s also an occasion to remind your friends and family members how much you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day, and spread the love! ❤

Séduction Valentine's Day
-xox- Marika



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