Soft Purple Eyes & Bold Magenta Lips – Valentine’s Day MOTD

Yay! Today is the day of the year to celebrate L-O-V-E!

So what did you plan for today? Are you having a hot date tonight? A cozy day with your other half? Or celebrating single awareness day with your girl friends?

I came up with a makeup look for any of these occasions. It features a soft electric smokey purple eye look with a thick eyeliner and with a bold coloured lip. You simply need to change up your outfit and accessories and your look changes completely to another mood! Rock on girl! 

For the eyes, I used 4 different colours. First used a flesh-toned shadow as a base then I used a pale taupe colour all over the eyelid. Both colours are from the The Nude Maybelline palette. Then I used a deep lavender colour and concentrated on the outer corner of the eyelid. To make the eye colour pop, I chose an electric lavender colour and applied it on the edge of the deeper lavender and blended both colours together. All three colours are from NYX’s All I’ve Ever Wanted Box.

Purple colours tend to make you look like you have a black eye, especially when you apply it as a smokey. So to open up the eyes, I applied a golden yellow on the centre and inner corners of the lids, where the light hits your eyelid. Then I drew a winged eyeliner and applied mascara. For the EXTRA FAB!

Oh! and don’t neglect your pretty lips 😉 here I suggest to use a bold lipstick. Since the eye makeup is pretty heavy, I like to use a bold colour to balance out. Or else the only things we see would be your eyes and leaving an impression you’ve done half of your makeup and we don’t want this! Since the eyes are really focused on purple, a purple toned lipstick will complete the whole look! Here, I used a matte lipstick in the shade Femme Fatale by Smashbox. It’s-da-bomb!

Don’t forget to contour your face! Dark lip colour makes your skin very pale and also makes you look like a balloon. For this look, I used my Fiji no.25 contour shadow by Sephora. (Click here to read the review post!!)

Hope you have a blast with your loved ones!

-xox- Melissa ❤


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