Amazing fashion glasses from SelectSpecs | Video Review

SelectSpecs is an optical company based in Westgate on Sea (UK) that has been around for a little over 10 years. The family-run business has grown to become a company that now creates jobs for over 50 employees. The company’s mission is to offer full prescription glasses with coatings for a fraction of the price you would pay with other companies (approximately 60% saving).
The website offers a wide selection of prescription glasses and also sunglasses, which you can buy with or without a prescription. There are different price categories (from economic to high end/designer brands) in order to satisfy a wide clientele.

Thank you to the PR team contacted us in the fall and made us choose a pair of glasses for each of us, which was very kind! We really appreciated the excellent service we had and overall, we are enchanted with the glasses!

Melissa got the Savannah P2375 – Demi and Marika got the Savannah tortoise sunglasses. They are both ranging around 10-13$ and super good quality! If you like to use glasses as your fashion statement, we totally recommand you to order from this site. The price is very affordable and also, we if you get plano reading glasses, you still get the 3 proctection coatings (UV, Anti-reflextion and anti-scratching) on the lenses! Those coatings helps you to have a clearer vision compared to those fashion glasses you buy from an accessory store.

Marika’s Savannah tortoise sunglasses are very pretty. The quality is very good for the price they listed. The rim are in a leopard print and matte finish. It is rare to see sunglasses with this finish and Marika absolutely love it! The sunglasses also features a 400 UV protection too!

Watch the video to see the entire review!


Marika and Melissa ❤


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