Birthstone Beauty | NOTD: February Edition

birthstone beauty february purple nail art Amethyst

Helloo guys!

Gosh! sorry, this post is sooo overdoing! At least, we are still in February… right? Please accept my apologies, I’ll do better next month! 200_s

So, yes this month’s birthstone is the Amethyst! Following after Marika’s crazy look, I got inspired by the dark colours that were used. As I think of Amethyst, it reminds me of the sharp edges of the crystal. Giving a very venomous, mysterious impression but at the same time you feel a soft feeling from this crystal. So! For the NOTD, I decided to use black lined geometry shapes to represent the sharp edges of the gem and with a white to dark purple ombré as a background.

The colours I used are ‘White Out’ and ‘Black Heart’ from Sally Hansen; ‘Viola’ from Julep; ‘Do You Have This in Stock-Holm?’ by OPI and ‘132’ by Laka.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

❤ Melissa


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