Review | the new TRESemmé’s Beauty-full Volume Reverse System

tresemme beauty-full volume reverse system pack

We love to have fabulous hair, right? When our hair game is strong, it boosts our confidence! To help us control our mop of hair, TRESemme sent us their new Beauty-full Volume Reverse System, which we reviewed for you! PS: we loooove it!

To give you a full review of this new shampoo system, Marika has also tried this shampoo. She has really long and thick hair, with natural roots and coloured (bleached) ends. If you have coloured, thick or wavy hair like her, go read at the bottom of the page for Marika’s review!

Melissa’s thoughts:
So I have naturally straight, fine and oily hair and they seat very flat on my head; and I used the products for 2 consecutive weeks. This shampoo system is very unique, but why? TRESemmé calls this a “reverse system” meaning you apply their pre-wash conditioner before and use the step 2 shampoo that goes with it after. They claim that using condition after shampoo weighs down your hair. Which I confirm is REALLY true.

At first, I was a bit sceptical this would work on me because I never use conditioner due to my hair type. After the first use, I immediately noticed a HUGE difference. Seriously I am not joking! It’s game-changing like they say on the bottle! My hair is a lot bouncier, light weight, and – strangely– , straighter than usual!  If you blow dry, make sure to apply a small amount of their “Beauty-full Volume” Hair mixer before. it will add humph to you hair.  Your hair will be so soft, shiny and bouncier.

The smell of the 3 products is sooo good, it makes me wanna smell my hair all day. Trust me, I really did that… The smell is not overwhelming, it’s a very soft subtle cotton smell. Love it.

I don’t know how I could live without this shampoo system… With this, you don’t even need to go to the hair dresser to style your hair. It has the same effect!! If you’re going on a night out, girl, I am telling ya, you need to use this!!

Pleas note, I haven’t done anything to my hair in the photos, only used Tresemme’s set!


Marika’s thoughts:
I already have a LOT of volume because my hair is thick and I have a lot too (it drives everyone crazy, including myself). However, I noticed that TRESemmé’s Beauty-full Volume Reverse System made my hair less flat at the roots. So even for thick hair, it adds a little volume.

I loved these products mostly because using the conditionner before the shampoo made my hair so soft, which was much needed because the bleach has damaged my hair. It also made my hair bouncier, more straight and most of all: less frizzy! Yay!!

I was skeptical too with the “reverse” system before using it, but now I can’t believe why anyone hasn’t thought about this before!!


The blog would like to say a huge thank you to TRESemmé for sending us their new Beauty-full Volume Reverse System, which includes the Pre-Wash Conditiner, Step 2 shampoo and the Hair Maximizer.



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