Birthstone Beauty: March Edition

March Birthstone Beauty

This month’s birthstone is the aquamarine, which signifies calmness and level-headedness. It it most often light in tone, and can be greenish-blue to blue-green. More info here.

Birthstone Beauty March Edition Aquamarine

Image from here.

When I first started experimenting with makeup as a child, I loved to apply my mom’s light blue eyeshadow all over my lids. I could have recreated that look for this month’s edition of the Birthstone Beauty, but nah. I decided to go for a look that’s a little creepy (sorry!), and that is inspired by the 1960’s, a broken doll and a robotic woman. Honestly, I went out of my comfort zone makeup-wise, and just let my creativity go crazy. I hope you like it!

Eyes:  I applied “00” (white) eyeshadow by MUFE as a base. Then I applied “Turquoise” from MUFE’s Flash Color Case (makeup cream) on the whole lid, creating a 1960’s inspired shape. I lined the bottom lid with “White” from the same palette. I finished the eye look by applying A LOT of “False Lashes Maximizer” from MAC (it’s a lash primer, so it’s white). I then applied a few coats of “royal shock” mascara from Avon, in order to make the lashes clumpy.

Face: I applied a foundation that has a very matte finish (Studio Fix by MAC) in order to create a doll-like face. I added highlight, mostly on the cheekbones using “Ms Tress” (silver) eyeshadow from NIKO. I completed the look with concealer, where needed.

Lips: I applied foundation all over my lips, then I dabbed “Ms Place” (shimmery blue) and “Ms Quote”(lime green) eyeshadows from NIKO on the lips. I finished with a thick coat of “Chill” lip gloss from Avon. I highlighted the cupid’s bow using”Turquoise” from MUFE’s Flash Color Case (makeup cream).

Let me know how you like this look!! ❤


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