March Birthstone Beauty | Aquamarine #NOTD

Hello guys!

Wow it’s already March, time sure flies!

So this month’s birthstone is the aquamarine. The turquoise colour is my favourite colour besides purple. This colour is just so pretty. When I look at it, it just absorbs my attention and it’s so meditating and soothing. Do you have a colour that makes you feel like that?? It’s as if the colour is trying to seduce you and make you fall in love with it. Alright.. going a bit sidetrack here but it’s just that I love the colour aquamarine/turquoise so much! How do you feel about your favourite colour?

Anyways, back to this month’s NOTD! If you say the word aquamarine, it makes me think of a mermaid; a mermaid’s tale. Probably because when I was young I watched the movie Aquamarine. A beautiful mermaid with a very pretty aqua-coloured tail! The movie was good 😉

aquamarine_notd_03 aquamarine_notd_02

So, yes, this NOTD! I got inspired by a mermaid’s tail. Shiny, simple, delicate and the beautiful sparkly sand of the shore!


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