Doll up with Sephora’s Plush Luxe False Lash

sephora plush luxe lash review

I am not a huge fan of false lashes but these ones, seriously, got me in love with lashes! The reason why I don’t like to wear false lashes is because I can’t get used to the weight of falsies, the way it blocks my view and the discomfort the band gives me. So yes, I am quite picky on falsies but at the same time, I’m always trying to find THE pair that avoids my pet peeves for falsies.

I always wanted to try those Velour lashes that the internet has been raving about. However, by looking at the price at Velour’s.. I don’t feel paying that amount of money for something I might not like in the end. So here, while browsing, I found these Sephora Luxe False Lash in “Plush”.

Seriously though! I just love these!! I wanted something voluminous but at the same time natural looking, and these are the right fit! They look very dramatic in the box but as you put them on, they are really natural. You can put them for any look you are wearing.

These falsies are quite unique I would say. They are made from cashmere-like natural hair, which helps to give a fluffy and luxurious look. Unlike most falsies’ hair going into one direction, the way Sephora styled them, the hair goes in different directions which gives a very natural look to it. Some are more curly than others, some longer or shorter.

sephora plush lux lash review

The band is very thin and very flexible and you don’t feel it poking or forcing your lid in a particular way. Even if they are voluminous, they are super lightweight, I hardly feel anything!

You know I am all about the packaging too! #graphicdesignerproblems 😉 The falsies come in a hard plastic box with a rose-gold background. It gives a very luxurious look and I would say, they did a better job than the velour lashes, aesthetic wise!sephora plush lux lash review

These lashes sell for 21.00 $ CAD on Sephora’s website, but are currently out of stock. I was lucky to pick up the last ones! Hope Sephora stocks up and comes up with beautiful lashes like these! I think the price is reasonable for these pretty lashes and it claims it can be worn up to 30 times with proper care!

Melissa ox


3 thoughts on “Doll up with Sephora’s Plush Luxe False Lash

    1. Omg! I love Tati so much! Thanks for sharing the video and it’s quite recent too!
      It’s unfortunate it didn’t work out for her. My pair is really curved, even if I take them off they still have the original shape from the packaging. I wish I could attach a picture of the lashes to show you. But I recommend you to try it out. They are quite unique since the lashes go in different directions. It’s hard to find other pairs with this feature. Although, if you are beginner to lashes, I would suggest to use a pair of twizers to put them on. Due to the volumous curled lashes that go in many directions, you can’t really fill the lash band with your fingers to adjust the angle (too high or too low) when you put them on. Or if you have nails, it would be fine too. Even then didn’t take me too much time. I hope it helped:)
      Melissa ox

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