New Skincare Routine: Ole Henriksen’s ‘The Works’

Hello fellow readers, hope y’all doing well!

Today I would like to share with you the new skincare routine I’ve adopted since a month! During my new year’s resolution, I told myself I should really start taking care of my own skin. I really have large pores and oily skin with dry areas due to eczema. I can’t use random products without researching first because my skin is so oilyΒ that I get pimples really easily. For me, it was a challenge to look for and try new skincare products because my skin is really tricky.

Since I am in a test mode, I have purchased a travel size kit of Ole Henriksen’s ‘The Works’. It comes with 5 different products that fill in your whole day skincare routine. Here are the products from the kit, in the order that I use them (look at the box’s photo for more info):

  1. Truth Serum – collagen booster: Use in the morning after rinse. It has a nice orange smell, and is very refreshing! And who doesn’t like the effects of collagen?! You can feel it really nourishes your skin without leaving your face sticky. I only need 1 pump to cover the whole face.
  2. Sheer Transformation: Use day and night. It provides essential hydration, diminishes dark spots and sun damages, defends from environmental aggressors and prevents premature aging. The moisturizer doesn’t cause my skin to breakout! The scent is very herbal-like but it doesn’t bother your day too much.
  3. African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser: Use day and night (but I only use it at night). The texture of the foam is really thick and soft. You feel the product is very concentrated and you can feel it doing its job and deep cleanse your skin while leaving it moisturized. It has a really nice orange scent! Love it!
  4. Ultimate lift eye gel: Use in the evening. It’s a very soothing and cooling eye gel. I always wear eyeliner so tugging the skin around my eye area definitely makes me need this! You will feel the effect of de-puffing and it also firms your eyelids. I like to pop this into the fridge for a few minutes for extra effect. Perfect for summer!
  5. Invigorating Night Treatment: Use this before bed. A gel-like product. As you pick it up with your fingers, it instantly melts on your skin and transforms into a liquid. It helps to dramatically smoothes the texture of your skin and evens skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pores! Love!

Overall, I really like this kit. I do not regret buying it. I got it at Sephora for 45$ while it was on sale. The kit claims to be for all skin types, which I confirm -it works on oily skin. I see improvements: my skin is more even and my pores are reduced. Even if I have to apply more product than I used to, it never clogs my pores or causes acne. If you are on a search for a new skincare kit, I will definitely recommend this kit for a tryout!

Hope you enjoyed!

Melissa ox’


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