Birthstone Beauty: April Edition

Birthstone Beauty April Edition

Hi loves!
Wow, I can’t believe how LATE this post is… And can you believe it was really close to never being created? April has by far been the craziest month in my life this year, with the end of semester, having to do more hours at work, going to Vegas (want to know what I bought to Vegas? click here!), and of course, being VERY sick after all this stress… Well, here it is: the birthstone beauty makeup look for the month of April, inspired by the diamond! This birthstone comes in an array of colours, but the coloured ones are more rare than the colourless ones. More info here.

Birthstone beauty april edition

Image from here.

For this month’s look, I wanted to create something very shimmery, but not too unnatural. The looked came out very fresh-looking, almost bridal, but with a definitely futuristic edge to it. The secret to this look is a natural-looking and glowy foundation, shimmery eyeshadows and “wet looking” brows.

Reminder: the Birthstone Beauty series is meant to inspire you to play around with colours, textures and techniques that you may not be familiar with or comfortable with. For example, for this look, you may want to try to style your eyebrows in a new way, or try metallic eyeshadows/highlighters! Makeup is supposed to be FUN 🙂

Eyes: I applied MAC’s “Spring Moon” eyeshadow (a frost light blue) from the Pastel Times Nine palette all over the lid. In the crease and on the brow bone, I applied a matte light grey eyeshadow from a no name palette from Sephora (it’s old…). Then, on the lid, I applied a shimmery grey eyeshadow from Urban Decay’s Anarchy Face Case. In the inner corner and on the brow bone, I applied MAC’s “Warm Snow” pigment (a shimmery white). I lined under the eyes with MakeUpForEver‘s M-126 eyeshadow (pure white). In the water line, I used MakeUpForEver’s lip liner concealer in No100 (pale beige). My fake lashes are “Enchantress” from Fright Night. I styled my brows in an 1980’s-inspired fashion, using Anastasia’s clear brow gel.

Face: I mixed a sheer foundation with MAC’s strobe cream to make it very shimmery/pearly. I added a touch of blush, using MakeUpForEver’s I804 eyeshadow. A touch of highlight was applied on the cheekbones, using the same shimmery grey eyeshadow from Urban Decay’s Anarchy Face Case.

Lips: On the cupid’s bow, I applied a touch of the shimmery grey eyeshadow from Urban Decay’s Anarchy Face Case. On my lips is Estée Lauder’s flash photo gloss.

TIP: don’t be afraid of metallic highlighters! They are very trendy, they look super fashionable and futuristic. Try gold if you have a medium-dark skin tone, and try silver if you have a light skin tone. 

-xox- Marika



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