NOTD | Spring Cherry Blossom Edition

Spring NOTD cherry blossom nail art

Hi beautifuls!

This weekend I’ve been very inspired by the nice weather in Montreal! Every time I think about spring, I always think of cherry blossom trees or trees in general that bloom pink flowers during the Spring season. I just think they are the prettiest flowers in the world! ❀

So I got very inspired to do a cherry blossom nail art! It looks difficult to reproduce because of the small details but honestly, it took me 15 minutes for each hand. I just think this nail art can be reproduced by anyone and all of you can rock this nail art!

How I did the cherry blossom design:
I used a thin brush to draw random brown lines to create the branches. Starting from the tip of the ring finger, I drew thick strokes that become gradually thinner as you go higher for the branches. You don’t have to worry about messing up because later you can cover up with the flowers.

Then I used a small dotting tool and used a white polish and dotted 5 dots in a circular fashion so they create a full flower. You don’t have to be specific since you want it to be natural. Then, I used the smallest dotting tool I have, or a toothpick, to pick up some baby hot pink colour and make a few small strokes in the middle to add colour and depth to the flower. Then I finished off with some oval shaped dots in green to add leaves!

I don’t know about you but this NOTD makes me think of the Arizona drink! Now I am craving for some πŸ™‚

Nail polishes used: Essie Blossom Dandy, Essie Carousel Coral, Sally Hansen White On, Yves Rocher Chocolat


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