My Beach Outfit ft. Naturana Canada Swimsuit | Review

Naturana Canada Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit review one piece 2016 beach outfit

Hello y’all,

It is finally getting warmer and warmer and I am very excited for summer already, I am sure you are too!

*Read till the end because we have a coupon code for you!!
I just can’t wait to soak up the sun this summer! I recently received the Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit from Naturana Canada by mail. I really LOVE the design of this suit! It is very cute and simple. I think the style is quite unique and you can’t find it at any store.

The swimsuit has a deep V-cut with a halter top style. Also, the CUTEST part is the design of the back! In the middle of the back, there are 2 mini straps that you can tie in a little bow (you don’t know how much I am obsessed with bows <3). Not only it is cute, the design also makes the bathing suit less revealing. It makes me more comfortable without having the back too revealed. This swimsuit is also lightly padded to give you a natural shape without looking too stiff.

This year’s beach outfit: I like to wear my long fishnet jacket (my mom bought it a very long time ago and gave it to me! I have no idea where she bought it 😦 ) paired with jean and lace shorts! To add a touch of style, you don’t have to button up the short. You are at the beach anywaysss! This outfit is also cool for a summer festival too  😀 And of course, pair it with some kickass sunglasses and a neon cap, and girl, you are ready to party!

The material is quite thick and this style comes in different colour schemes. I personally really like the black one: the blue and red prints pop out a lot. This bathing suit is available in blue with the same pattern, and also in a bright orange with big Hawaiian flowers (I love that one too!).Naturana Canada Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit review one piece 2016 beach outfit

Naturana has many styles of swimwear, and they are quite diverse. So any age range is good! Even your mom or your grandma would love them! 😉

If you are interested in plus size garments, Naturana is perfect for you! They are specialized in the plus size industry starting from 34B and the price range is super affordable and the quality is on point! Their merchandise is available in,, specialty stores across Canada. Otherwise, make sure to check out their site!

Naturana Canada has provided a coupon code for Melrika followers! use “MELRIKA2016” to get 20% off on their site! We are not under commission. This is also our honest review like any other ones. We think any company who make great products deserve a chance to grow and here we are supporting them!

Happy summer ❤


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