May Birthstone Beauty: Emerald | #NOTD

Emerald nail art for May Birthstone Beauty

When I think of May’s birthstone colour, emerald, the first thing that comes to my mind is a magical forest. With lots of fairy lights, magical animals and mysterious spirits.

The magical forest also leads to a painting. I got no idea why, but I just associated to it. Maybe because a painting is one of the ways to bring our imagination to life. Ah, you see, magical forest > imagination > painting? Yes, I know you get what I mean πŸ˜‰

So for this month’s nail art, I recreated a painting-like nail design on the ring finger. I didn’t want to go full crazy for this one. I wanted to keep the calmness of the look. You could always recreate the same effect of the ring finger on multiple nails, such as the middle and the index finger.

For this design, I just made an ombre nail to start with by mixing a dark green and a bright yellow on top of a white polish. The white polish helps to make the yellow more opaque (yellow polishes are tricky!). Then you can choose any of your favorite colour and make some dots for the fairy lights. Here I used a sky blue, coral pink, white and silver. I focused the dots more at the bottom of the nail to make it as if they are scattering from the ground.

Used polish: ‘Laughin’ To The Bank’ by Deborah Lippmann, ‘White On’ and ‘Celeb City’ by Sally Hansen, Β ‘Trip Of A Lime Time’ by China Glaze, ‘Blossom Dandy’ and ‘Carousel Coral’ by Essie


4 thoughts on “May Birthstone Beauty: Emerald | #NOTD

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment!! It’s hard for me to maintain my nails too because I have a bad habit where I bite and tear them off when I am bored or in deep thoughts. The only solution for me is to put polish on to avoid that situation. Everyone has their struggles right? hehe xox


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