Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation | Review

Tarte rainforest of the sea light neutral foundation review

Flawless, check.
Lightweight, check.
Good coverage, check.
Hydrating, check.
Perfect for summer, check!

A friend of mine requested a review of the Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea foundation in the shade Light Natural. And of course, we had to do it! We already filmed the footages for a youtube review, but it didn’t went well. So instead of re-filming it, I thought it would be better to write a post to not overdue it!

When I was reading the description of the foundation, I wasn’t sure if I would like it that much. Normally I’d rather go with a foundation that has a matte finish or one that doesn’t have “hydration” featured. Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea water foundation is meant to be a hydration boosting coverage for 12-hours. It has 20% water for hydrating dry skin, it covers and masks any redness, dark spots, and uneven skin tone—softening the look of pores and fine lines.

The description made me think of a very dewy finish foundation, which I don’t like at all. My skin is oily but dry on top of my cupid’s bow due to eczema. After trying this foundation, I totally take back my words!

I bought the foundation in the shade Light Natural and it is a satin finish. The foundation is very lightweight, so it’s perfect for summer! Considering the consistency of the product and the coverage, it’s absolutely stunning. On a normal day, I only use 1 full pump to cover my face and it is already enough. My skin has very fine red veins and also some acne marks and 1 pump is already sufficient to even out my skin tone and cover my imperfections! In the pictures, I used 1 pump and as you can see, we still see a bit of the marks but keep in mind guys, camera-do-not-LIE! I didn’t use any concealer. In real life, it looks much more flawless. So if you are planning to take pictures, make sure to conceal or add an extra pump for coverage.

Also, the awesome thing about this foundation is that after you remove your makeup, you don’t feel your skin being dry. Most of the time when I wash away my foundation, my skin goes super dry.

What-not-to-do: for the beauty blender fans out there, I do not recommend to use one for the application of this foundation. Since it’s water-based, the sponge will only absorb the whole product and waste it. You might need to use a powder to prevent it to melt down if you have oily skin like I do.

Hope you find the review useful and helpful for your foundation purchase!




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