Birthstone Beauty: June Edition

Birthstone Beauty June Alexandrite

June is a special month because it has three birthstones: the pearl, the moonstone and the alexandrite. For this makeup look, I was mostly inspired by the alexandrite, a very rare gem that has a particular feature: it changes colour depending on the lighting, going from a bluish-green in daylight, to a purplish-red in incandescent light. More info here.


Birthstone Beauty June Alexandrite

Image from here.

For this makeup look, I decided to play with shimmery and metallic textures, and I used mostly bluish and purple tones. I love the combination of blue and purple on the eyes: it gives a summer vibe to the whole look.


Eyes: From Smashbox’s On The Rocks palette, I used the eyeshadows “Snow” all over the lid, “Peacock” in the center, and “Sapphires” in the outer corner and in the crease. I lined my lid with Sephora’s “matte turquoise” eye pencil. On the waterline is MakeUpForEver’s Lip Liner Concealer in “no 100”. I lined under the eyes using MakeUpForEver’s eyeshadow in “I-922” and Smashbox’s eyeshadow in “Lilac”. On the brow bone is Smashbox’s eyeshadow in “Snow” and Sephora’s eyeshadow in “Walking in the sand”. In the center of the lid is MAC pigment in “Kitschmas”.

Lips: lip liner is Revlon’s in “Soft Pink”. Lipstick is Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Wonderchilde”. 

Face: Highligher is Sephora’s eyeshadow in “Walking in the sand”. Contour-blush is MakeUpForEver’s eyeshadow in “I-922”.

Tips: for this look, the foundation isn’t powdered, to keep it more luminous. Because the eyeshadows consist of blues and blueish mauves, they tend to accentuate dark circles, so make sure to use a good concealer.

-xox- Marika


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