June Birthstone Beauty: Pearl | #NOTD

Oh hell yas!

Finally June but also it means half a year has gone by and summer is passing in 2 months. – Well at least in Canada! But it’s ok, most important part is we just have to enjoy every single day of it with a good cocktail in our hands!

June has 3 stones, pearl, moonstone and Alexandrite. Boy, that Alexandrite though.. prett-eh! Not quite sure why it has 3 for the month, probably because it’s a month in the middle of the year or because pearl is not really considered as a gem? Anyways, I like all 3 of them!

For this month’s NOTD, I got inspired by the pearl. When I think of pearl, I just sense this very feminine, girly, sophisticated, soft vibe from this. So this nail art features a girly matte baby ombre pink quilted leather pattern and with black 3D bow and rose gold sparkle as accent nail.

This is my very first time trying quilted leather matte nail, so it’s not as perfect and symmetric, but I love how it turned out! For the crossing points, I used a silver polish and a dotting tool. You could always use some studded gold or silver bead to replace the silver to change the nail to a more bad-ass princess look!

Polished used: “White On” and “Celeb City” by Sally Hansen; “Spin The Bottom”, “A Cut Above”, “Matte about you” by Essie



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