Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Swatches: Trap & Better More

Hello lovelies! ❤

I am sure you all heard about Colourpop: it is very trending around social media. I’ve come to know about Colourpop because one of my favorite Youtuber Kathleenlights talked about them and also had a few collabs with them. Gradually, I hear more and more about them on other channels and it gave me a really good impression about their products.

I never had the chance to browse through their website and order. One day, one of my makeup junkie friends decided to order from them so I hopped in and joined her. I only bought 2 Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks and I regret not buying more that time!! But for sure, very soon I will order from them for more shades and different things.

So, being a nude and berry matte lipsticks addict, of course, these 2 options are the first things I would search for. I got both in the Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks collection in the shade Trap and More Better and both at 6$ each.colourpop ultra matte lip better more swatch and Trap review

I wanted to get something dusty nude in the cool shades and Trap is a nice dusty nude with a little hint of pink.

And More Better is a very fancy & elegant berry colour, it almost reminds me of my Smashbox’s Femme Fatale Matte. I think this shade work in any occassion, whether if you are going out to have a drink, just want to rock some bold colour in the summer or just a very classy date.

The Ultra Matte Lip is very thin and lightweight and it doesn’t leave your lips super dry, during or after. The negative thing I’ve noticed about these matte lippies is that when they dry they look a tiny bit darker than what is on the website, but the difference is not big, you only need to keep in mind when you are shopping for Ultra Mattes.

Some Tips:
I also suggest that when you apply the Ultra Mattes, do not put your lips together. Else, the product will stick to your upper lip and leaves the center of your original lip colour show through. This happened to my Trap. Since it is a cool tone colour, the warm pink of my lips peaks through and it makes me look sick and a discoloured lip from far – yep, not so cute. So when you apply the Ultra Mattes, make sure to separate your lips for 10 seconds to dry and you are good to head out the door.

Also, if you have wrinkly lips like I do, I would suggest getting their Matte X series instead since it’s a cream base. The Ultra Matte enhances the wrinkles and when you smile way too much it goes a bit worse. I know some of you do not like that – but weirdly sometimes I do.

I can’t wait to place my next order! Let me know in the comments below which colour you recommend, which colour you would like to get for yourself or if you prefer Trap or Better More shade. ❤

-Melissa ‘ox


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