My eczema story + Skincare product ft. CeraVe

CeraVe moisturizer cream Eczema dry skin

Hello friends!

Today’s blog post is not your usual beauty, makeup, or nail art post. I am writing this dedicated to all my readers out there who suffer from eczema and super dry spots. I, myself, suffer from eczema and it’s really annoying and I’m always trying to find the right product to hopefully heal it.

I have had eczema in different cases. I remember in the year of 2013-2014, I had a case where my whole face was covered with eczema. Red big spots all over my cheeks, dead skin peeling off and having bumps. Thankfully, this was a temporary skin problem caused by allergies. The doc prescribed me Hydrocortisone and used it 3-4days, 3 times per day consecutively. My face went back to how it was and I was relieved.

However, I always had this eczema spot that I had since I was 14 right on top of my cupid’s bow. It’s super annoying, not only I have to take pictures for the blog but sometimes it is so sensitive that any dirt will cause redness. When you try to put foundation, it goes itchy and the dry skin shows even more. I would apply Hydrocortisone occasionally…but warning, you are not suppose to do that and that’s my biggest mistake. If the product doesn’t work for 3-4days you should stop, else your skin will depend on it.

A few months ago, I really got tired of my eczema spot so I decided to consult my local pharmacist asking what other things I can use to fix this problem. The pharmacist introduced me to CeraVe. It is a Moisturizing cream for normal to dry skin and developed with dermatologists. The cream is white and not scented at all. The consistency is thicker than your everyday moisturizer. Once you apply the product, it will act as a barrier and protect it from any outer factors and restores the skin.CeraVe moisturizer cream Ezcema dry skin

I would apply CeraVe to my eczema spot and then use my normal moisturizer on other areas, avoiding my cupid’s bow. After using this, I can feel the effect of the cream. Not only does it create a good barrier from outer factors and foundation, but also it hydrates really well. My cupid’s bow no longer gets flaky and the redness has reduced. I have a really oily skin and if I apply any cream that is dedicated to normal skin, I would start getting breakouts and white heads. Even if CeraVe moisturizing cream is dedicated to dry skin, I did not get any acne or white heads. So it’s very safe for you if you have the same skin type as me.

CeraVe moisturizer cream Ezcema dry skin

Since my problem spot is just in the upper area of the cupid’s post, I bought the 57g  at 7-8$ tube but they do have a bigger size.

I hope my eczema experience helped you. I know it is something that will stay with you and it can be quite annoying but you can only find ways to make it better. I would totally recommend to try to look for this moisturizer. The company has a line made especially for itchy eczema. So if you are interested and think you might need that because you are suffering from a more severe problem than I do, I recommend you to look for CeraVe. I am not a dermatologist, so I recommend you to consult with your pharmacist first before purchasing.

-Melissa ‘ox


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