NOTD Sephora VIB Gold Paint | Youtube Tutorial

sephora vib tote bag 2016 nail art

It’s time for a new video!

This is the blog’s very first nail tutorial! We hope you enjoy the tutorial, if you did, please give a thumbs up. It will mean a lot to us!sephora vib event tote bag

So what triggered us to make this tutorial? Back in September 2015, Marika and I went to the Sephora’s VIB sale event. When you make a purchase, they give you a reusable tote bag with their black and white stripe with gold paint dripping from the top.

Now that I am always using the tote bag every day for lunch, last week this idea to replicate the same pattern came to me all of a sudden! Also, at the beginningΒ of the year, I’ve been seeing a lot of mini videos on Instagram of Vlada Haggerty’s metallic lipstick shooting with the product dripping off the lips. I just find them very pretty and perfect ❀

Liquid Gold Series Photo and retouching
By Vlada Haggerty


So I thought the Sephora VIB Gold Paint would be fun to recreate! Hope you like it!


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