Revive Your Natural Lips with Dior’s Addict Lip Glow?

Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm Review

Talking about magic, you all!

Last month, I got this wonderful gift, something that I’ve never experienced before and never heard of before! This Dior Addict Lip Glow is very magical and I think it is worth to share with you what I have to say about this lipstick.

The Dior Addict Lip Glow is a balm to hydrate your lips and revive your natural lip colour. The line comes in 2 shades, in sheer natural pink and sheer coral pink. The one I received is in sheer natural pink. When you apply it, it gives a very beautiful and natural shine.Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm Review

The lip balm gives a shine almost like a lipgloss but without the oily texture. The product is almost scentless. I can’t really describe the scent because it’s a very faded mint and sweet scent, or that description is not even close. That’s the best way I can describe it! But fear not, it is not a chemical overwhelming smell; it is a very enjoyable fresh scent that you can wear like a normal balm.

If you compare this Dior balm to a normal drugstore balm, it feels a bit tackier as you apply on your lips, almost like.. hard butter? It doesn’t glide on like a normal balm would do (like super oily easy glide) but the balm has a thicker formula to add a better protection and hydration to your lips with a comfortable and lightweight wear.

And why is this magical? Once you apply it, you totally see the colour of your lips change from the moment it touches your lips. Your lips would change to a healthier sheer pink colour, leaving an impression of a hydrated and healthier looking vibe to your whole face. More to that magic, the balm itself is COLOURLESS! Like I mean, how can a colourless balm turn your lips to some delicious juicy pink lips? I call that sorcery, ha! Actually, the balm comes with a description paper and it says it would react to the humidity level of your lips.


dior lip glow color reviver balm swatch
Dior’s Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm Before & After
dior lip glow color reviver balm review swatch
Dior’s Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm Swatch


This summer, I’ve been wearing it a lot for my everyday summer look. The pink just gives a fresh look and also it reminds me of a Korean Style ombre lips. Where your lips are tinted after a good juicy popsicle. It’s less heavy looking than wearing matte lipstick and the colour is completely summer approved!! Love it! ❤

And we all know, Dior IS a high-end brand and this lipstick is retailed for 41$ CAD at Sephora. Yes, who would buy this just for an everyday balm… So I am really thankful for getting as a gift (from a friend. No, I am not sponsored, as I would really like it to be!). Also, that is why I want to write a post about it and help you with your purchase decision if you are planning to buy one! One day, If I decide to buy another one, I would be eager to try the coral pink shade, I feel it will brighten up your look with the orangey-shade and give that Korean orange flavoured popsicle lips, mmhmm. You know what I mean 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think about the lipstick and if you think it is worth it or not 😀

-Melissa ‘ox


8 thoughts on “Revive Your Natural Lips with Dior’s Addict Lip Glow?

    1. Hehe thanks for the comment!! Its really encouraging to hear about what is done right. Really gets me going 😉 yes I am very lucky but this is almost the only one I own that is that high end hehe ❤


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