Top 5 Emptied + Repurchased

Emptied Repurchased Favourite Beauty Products Marcelle Caudalie Stila Origins Lise Watier

We all have a few favourite beauty products that we recommend to all of our friends and that we keep buying over and over again, but we never really take a moment to think about how essential these products are in our life… If I were a little more philosophical I would say that these products even shape who we are, but I’m not getting into that πŸ˜‰

Let me introduce to you my top 5 emptied and repurchased products!

Emptied Repurchased Favourite Beauty Products Marcelle Caudalie Stila Origins Lise Watier

Marcelle‘s Gentle makeup remover for sensitive eyes.
I have tried SO many makeup removers over the years, and before I adopted my MakeUpEraser, I used this makeup remover by Marcelle on a daily basis. Having sensitive skin, and mostly eyes that can get red very easily, I really appreciate the fact that this dual-phase makeup remover is paraben free, perfume free and hypo-allergenic. Oh, and it easily removes waterproof and long-wear makeup, without having to rub your eyes. Ma-gi-cal!

Caudalie‘s Vinosource SOS thirst quenching serum.
You already know my love for Caudalie’s product line, but this serum is a definite favourite, and it has been part of my daily beauty routine for a while know. This serum is perfect for dehydrated skins (aka nearly everyone in Canada, due to our rough weather changes, think hot summers and loooong and harsh winters). Not only does this product save my skin on a daily basis, it is also good for my conscience because I know that it is made from natural ingredients. A must have in your beauty routine!

Origins‘ GinZing Refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff. I’ve already told you how much I love this product fromΒ OriginsΒ but it is SO essential in my life that I need to talk about it one more time! I get very little sleep most of the time and this little magic-in-a-tube product saves me from looking like a zombie. I can feel the cafein working its magic in seconds as my eyes quickly become easier to open (you know, when you just can’t open your eyes in the morning…) and the puffiness is gone! This is probably the one product I couldn’t live without :O

Stila‘s Stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner in “intense black”.
This liner is tha bomb! It is blacker than black, the thin tip allows you to easily draw a perfect cat eye, and the waterproof formula makes it very long-wear. Perfect for anyone who likes a thin eyeliner line, or even a thick one. I am hooked for life!

Lise Watier‘s Dramatique intense 3D volume mascara in “noir”.
I have to be honest here: I was NEVER faithful to a mascara… But this mascara by Lise Watier has me wanting to buy it again :O That’s a first for me and mascaras! Why do I love it so much? The big wand is easy to manipulate without poking your eyeball (like some plastic wands do, I find), it easily lifts my lashes and creates a LOT of volume. I will definitely be buying this mascara again!

Emptied Repurchased Favourite Beauty Products Marcelle Caudalie Stila Origins Lise Watier

I’d be curious to know if any of these products are also on your favourites list!
-xox- Marika


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