Summer 2016 Addiction: Sunglasses

summer 2016 sunglasses collection montreal canada reflective pink blue grey brown glasses

I don’t know but there’s something in the air that made me obsessed with sunglasses this year! Last year was makeup… I’ve never been shopping for sunglasses so much. Whenever I go shopping, the sunglasses rack is a stop that I need to check out when I am in a shop. Before, when I was younger, I didn’t like to wear sunglasses because I always wear reading glasses and I was shy to be too bold with the sunglasses.

Although this year, my mind completely changed by 180 degrees about sunglasses. I just feel a lot more confident when wearing them and they are a piece of accessories that speaks for the feeling I have on that day. So here in this post, I would like to share with you my sunglasses 2016 collection!

I started my sunglasses collection this spring and already bought 4 pairs! So far, I think ALDO has the most awesome glasses. This year I see they have worked hard on sunglasses collection. I remember seeing a lot of different styles and I bought 2 pairs from them. That’s 50% of my collection! My very first pair was an aviator blue mirrored sunglasses from ALDO. It’s is very light weight and with a gorgeous turquoise holographic mirror glasses. Being Asian, our nose bridge and our cheekbones are the most annoying thing ever when it comes to big glasses. The lenses and the frame would stick to your cheekbones and ruin your foundation, or because we mostly don’t have a nose bridge, it causes to sit on our cheekbones and NOT on the nose… #asianproblems. Though, these aviator glasses are perfect!

Aldo blue reflective gold aviator sunglasses fashion 2016
Turquoise blue reflective aviator sunglasses from ALDO shoes


My second pair was also from ALDO. These sunglasses are a bit more special. It has a transparent rim and a gold accent with grey mirrored lenses. They look very alike to the Chanel ones. Didn’t know till I bought them though hehe. ALDO also had them in black and gold though my mom suggests to get the transparent pair since they are very special and nor anywhere sells this kind of sunglasses.


Naturana Canada Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit review one piece 2016 beach outfit
Picture from Naturana Canada Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit review. Click picture for post

My third pair was from Ardene, it is a pair of brown sunglasses with very simple thin rim and gradient regular lenses. I really like the vintage form of this pair. I think this pair of glasses can go with any kind of outfits. Whether you are feeling girly or hipster. This one can complete the look!

Ardene animal pattern brown gradient sunglasses
Ardene animal pattern brown gradient sunglasses
Fourth! This one is the most girly of them all. I don’t normally wear pink or would choose something in pink but I just think I need a pair of pink sunglasses for the collection. After having my pair of blue aviator from ALDO, I think soft pink lenses are quite cute. This pair I bought it from Since all the other pair are in the round lenses category, I thought I should buy a big black square one with pink lenses! These are with pink sides and with some gold accent on the corner. Very girly and very glamorous! You can find them here:

So yes, these are my summer 2016 addiction and sunglasses collection! Let me know which one you like the most or let me know what is your current addiction! Would love to know about you guys ❤

mucho love
-Melissa ‘ox


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