How to Make Your Own Lipstick Palette

how to DIY Homemade Lipstick Palette Vueset

Hi lovelies!
Being a makeup addict or a freelance makeup artist (or both, like me!) is tough, not only on the wallet, but also on the space it requires. In fact, a big concern for us is “how do I fit ALL my makeup in a minimum of space?”. Well there are a few tips and tricks that have proven to be useful, and here is one: fit your plethora of lipsticks into a palette (or palettes hehe)!!

Before buying an empty lipstick palette, I shopped online and found this one. Perfect size and reasonable price: I bought 3 of them! Then, when came the time to actually put my lipsticks in my new palettes, I wasn’t sure of the technique to use, and I stumbled upon this video, made by the respected Youtuber/makeup artist Wayne Goss:

I was so surprised and happy to see that he used the same palettes as me! I wasn’t sure of the safety of putting the palettes into the microwave, but I have tested it and it is fine. HOWEVER: the plastic will warm up a little, so be careful with that, and DO NOT microwave the lipsticks for too long. 15 seconds at a time is fine. Also, do not overcook the lipsticks, as it will ruin them. Here is the complete process:

  1. Buy a palette that corresponds to your needs.


2. Select the lipsticks you want to put in the palette, place them in whatever order you like and depot them. Use A LITTLE bit of lipstick, as they will expand once melted. Better to use less πŸ˜‰

Homemade Lipstick Palette Vueset

3. Melt the lipsticks in the microwave, 15 seconds at a time MAX. If you are not sure if your palette is microwave safe, do a little research or contact the fabricant. An even safer method (but more time consuming, eh) is to melt the lipsticks in a spoon over the flame of a candle and pour the lipsticks one by one into the palette.

4. Let the lipsticks cool down, and tah-dah!!

Homemade Lipstick Palette Vueset

Hope you found this post useful! Let me know if you have any great lipstick tips!
-xox- Marika


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