Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Matte Metallic Lip Color in “Queen Of Hearts” and “Truffle” | Review

Hard Candy metallic mousse matte lip colour queen of hearts and truffle review swatch

Hello and Hello!

It’s been a while I haven’t written a review of a particular beauty product. This post is a review of Hard Candy’s Metallic Mousse Matte Lip Color in the shades “Queen Of Hearts” and “Truffle”. Early this summer, the trend of sparkly lip products and metallic finish lipsticks were starting to be trendy and I was super captivated by the finish and the effect it gives! I remember that Colourpop released their Ultra Metallic Lip collection and they immediately went out of stock right after they released it. I mean… who doesn’t like sparkly things?! I waited and waited, because there weren’t many shades that screamed my name since most of them are in the darker shades.

At the beginning of the month, I went to my local Wal-Mart for some errands, and of course, as always, I had to linger in the makeup aisles like a creep. I always wanted to try Hard Candy because of their captivating packaging design and presentation. If I remember well, they have 5 shades and I picked up 2 of them which are the shades “Queen of Heart” (the reddest shade from the collection) and “Truffle” (a deep mauve colour). Their metallic mousse collection has mostly deep colours which are very appropriated for fall. (Click here for full collection colour)

The packaging is just stunning for a drugstore-type of product. It comes in a metal tin packaging with a snake skin patterned cover. Inside the cover, there is a mirror and, of course, the lipstick placed in a velvet plastic holder. The tube of the lipstick is flat and paired with a beautiful gunmetal colour cap. It comes with a flat doe-foot applicator. Normally, when I use a lipstick with a normal doe-foot applicator (round and slanted on a side) I always have trouble to be precise. With the help of the slim and flat applicator, I really like how it helps to be very precise with your application.

The formula is absolutely a thumbs up. The product is super pigmented; I only need to apply once and the colour spreads very well and evenly. It doesn’t become cakey, it doesn’t move around nor is it patchy. As you apply it, it will stay still without making you feeling like your lips are suffocating with it. I tried both of these shades for more than 6 hours and the product still stayed on as I first applied. If you eat, the product will come off, but hey it never claimed to be budge proof and honestly, it doesn’t matter to me that much. The texture is super moussy. So it makes you feel very comfortable… like a cushion! The formula is not drying at all, even if you remove it, your lips stay hydrated and alive.

I’ve seen a few review videos about metallic lipstick from other brands. They tend to be patchy, not spreading evenly on the lips or super drying because of sparkles in the formula, but with Hard Candy Metallic Mousse lipsticks, it is certainly not the case! One of the things that I am most happy about is this product is SCENTLESS! Yes, HALLELUJA!

Now for the swatches! The only thing I am a BIT upset is the colour that comes out on your lips is slightly darker than the tube. I was hoping it would be a little bit more vivid than how it comes out. As I mentioned before, the shades are more Fall season appropriate so it leans more towards the darker shades in the spectrum.

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Matte Lip Color in ‘Queen Of Hearts’:
This one is a very pretty ruby red metallic colour. I think it is really appropriate for a Christmas makeup look. It’s a nice red but not a bright red that normally people would wear at the Christmas party. This one is very subtle yet very elegant and bad ass.

Hard Candy metallic mousse matte lip colour queen of hearts review swatch

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Matte Lip Color in ‘Truffle’:
Truffle is the most mauvy and cool tone lip colour from the collection. Once you put it on, it goes a bit darker than what is shown from the tube. Since the shade is a bit darker than I thought, I feel it would look much better during the mid-fall season when all the leaves are falling and have changed colours. I think it would look great with a soft warm eye look with a nice contoured face. All I can think of is wearing some fall colour clothing as well.

Hard Candy metallic mousse matte lip colour truffle review swatch


Each lipstick retails for 7.50$ CAD. I would totally recommend these metallic finish lipstick by Hard Candy that you can pick up at your local Wal-Mart or drugstore without having to shop online and pay for shipping and impatiently wait for them in the mail. I would rate these for 9/10 as I only have positive things to say about these!

Hope you enjoyed this thorough review of the Hard Candy’s Metallic Mousse Matte Metallic Lip Colour. Let me know which shade you like most or if you have tried it, let me know what you think!! Until then, take care! ‘ox – Melissa


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